Holy Pre-Rolls (5-Pack)


5 x 0.9g Pre-roll

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(2 customer reviews)

Pre-rolled for your convenience. No need to waste your time rolling your own joints, we got you! Vacuum sealed to maintain freshness and humidity of the buds stored in our customized joint box.

We choose which strains are best smoked from our premium selection.

Please Note: All pre-rolls are filled with pure buds. NO STEMS & SHAKE GUARANTEED!

2 reviews for Holy Pre-Rolls (5-Pack)

  1. CallMeAStoner

    Not one to leave reviews, but this was definitely the better pre-rolls I’ve smoked from any other dispensary’s. Opened it up to examine if there’s any trimmings and looks like there wasn’t.. all filled with premium buds. Will purchase again! Oh and I got hella frosted n_n.

  2. venturastar

    great purchase, premium buds. agreed with the person above.. can verify that there is no trimming or stems. it really is the buds!

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