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Buudabomb – Black Label Gummies


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“As true believers of a good time without sacrifice, we sought out quality ingredients to create a meaningful product that not only tastes great but breaks expectations. To us, creating a truly remarkable experience meant refining every detail.”

  • Provide our community with a thoughtful experience through amazing customer service

  • Make cannabis infused products out of the highest quality organic ingredients available

  • Form a trustworthy brand that doesn’t compromise on taste

  • Promote proper Cannabis use for a more thoughtful lifestyle

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Multiple Flavours: Rippin Red Raspberry, Strawberry Yogurt Explosion, Pineapple Thunder, Watermelon Blast

Tags: edible edibles budha buudha rippin thc


Watermelon Blast, Strawberry Yogurt Explosion, Pineapple Thunder, Rippin Red Raspberry

4 reviews for Buudabomb – Black Label Gummies

  1. venturastar

    All these flavors are literally my favorite! If I had to choose one… watermelon blast! The flavor is amazinggggggggggg. TO DIE FOR!

  2. 86budder

    Had to pick em up, $2 OFF the actual retailers store. For sure a STEAL imo?

  3. Alphapine

    Lol, $2 off retailers site. Great purchase!

  4. ba4_ashley

    Got a bag of watermelon blast and theyre THE BEST.

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